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Competition regulation

Research grant

Edelweiss Group targets through this type of projects to stimulate scientific research, to obtain competitive results, both national and international, with a potential technology transfer to the economic area.


- to enhance own research and research capacity, with positive results over the researchers involved
- to forward research in the field of respiratory sinonasal and pulmonary diseases in order to develop the rehabilitation programs that can be linked with the medical tourism.


Beginning of the competion: 25th October 2014
Period for project submission: 25th October – 30th November 2014
Last day for project submission: 30th November 2014, 10 AM
Project evaluation: 1st – 5th December 2014
Announcement of evaluation results: 5th December 2014
Appeal submission: 5th – 6th December 2014, 2 PM
Announcement of the winner: 8th December 2014
Contract signing: 9th – 12th December 2014
Financing period: one year starting on the day of contract signature


“Establishing, Management and Operation of a Center for Medical Rehabilitation of Patients with Respiratory Pathologies”.


- the applicant must be a medical university
- the project manager must be MD of pneumology or ENT
- the project manager must be an employee or collaborator of the university


The research grant is for 10.000 Euros. A single project will be awarded, which has the highest score.


Logistics: research infrastructure, materials, dissemination etc.
Mobility: participation in research or documentation events, national and international, participation in national or international research conferences


The projects will be mailed to our address. The envelope must contain:
- the original project, signed
- a CD, marked with the name of the project manager, with the electronic version of the project
- the signed declaration of conflict of interests of the project manager
- CV of the project manager and the other researchers and collaborators

The envelope must bear the name of the project manager, the university and the mention “For the research grant”.
The envelopes will be kept unopened until the day of the evaluation.
The evaluation will be performed by a commission. Only the complete envelopes will be taken into account. The evaluation is done under anonymity, to ensure the commission objectivity and confidentiality.
The evaluation takes into account the research value and innovation of the project, the competence and research background of the project manager and his collaborators.
The results will be announced on our webpage.
The appeals will be handed in by the project managers. Only appeals regarding procedural flaws will be taken into account.
The winner will be the project with the most points.




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