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Game Land

It surely feels good to be a winner. Nonetheless, the importance of games, goes far beyond the final score. 

The real accomplishments are the practical skills you acquire, the goals you set for yourself, the strategies you apply, the challenges you’re faced with and of course the social interaction. All these add up to a fun and exciting educational and psychological training, which goes hand in hand with the outdoor physical exercise on the slopes.

So, enter the Game Land inside the Bichlhof Hotel, in 10 minute walking distance from Mallnitz village center. Here, we  provide you with the tools - 2 tournament-sized pool tables, 4 Foosball tables, 2 Dart boards and 1 Air Hockey table - for both fun and interactive family evenings and ambitious group competitions and tournaments.  All you have to bring is a little bit of luck and some spare change - 50cents for the Darts game and 1euor for each of all the other games.

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